Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


Jugendreisesekretariat Tyrol = JRT. Its partners in contract (clients) = CLT


1. Catering
Full board consists of breakfast, lunch-package (not included are beverages) and dinner consisting of soup or hors d'oevre, warm meal and dessert. Additional supplies are possible against separate payment and can be booked with the landlord.

2. Prices - Group Prices, there is no deduction for any group members that leave earlier than the contracted date of departure.

Youth Travel Groups: Prices stated in the JRTís price lists or on the confirmations of reservation apply for young persons up to the age of 18/20 years as well as accompanying supervisors in relation to the group size (1 supervisor per 10 group members). Any additional Group members and young persons above the age of 18/20 years respectively will be billed a surcharge of EUR 4,00 per day. Prices are based on lodging in multiple-bed rooms. Twin and single bed rooms for supervisors subject to availability and a possible surcharge.

Family Holidays: Prices apply as stated in the confirmation of reservation for children up to 15 years and adults. Deductions for children only apply if they are accommodated in the same room as their parents.

Self Catering: Prices as stated in the JRTís price list or the confirmation of reservation apply to all guests - regardless of their age. Any additional costs like charges for energy, heating, local tourist taxes and garbage fees must be settled directly on the premises with the landlord. Usually the guests have to bring their own bed sheets - unless explicitly ordered against a surcharge. Upon leaving, the CLT will have to properly clean and tidy up the premises or a (an increased) surcharge for cleaning will apply. Kitchen ware, cups, plates and cutlery will be provided by the landlord, anything else like towels and detergents are within the CLTís responsibility.

3. School travel
According to the local tourist tax law the leader of the group has to provide a confirmation of the schoolís headmaster that the voyage is a school ski travel covered by the schools educational program. Otherwise the local tourist tax will be charged.

4. Payment:
Upon signing the contract of reservation, the group will have to make an advance payment:
EUR 36,00 per person full board
EUR 11,00 per person in Self Catering Accommodation.
Residual payment: Six weeks before the arrival the CLT the full payment for the groupís accommodation must be paid to the JRTís account. In case of default of payment the JRT shall be entitled to claim from the CLT default interest in the amount of 10 % of the respective amount to be paid and furthermore to demand reimbursement of the actual accrued, necessary and serviceable reminder and collection expenses as well as lawyerís fees. In addition the CLT may be denied to enter the premises.
Rendering of accounts: The final invoice will be issued after the department of the CLT under consideration of the deposits (deducting eventual banking charges). An eventually remaining balance has to be settled within 14 days.
Bank Charges: The CLT is kindly requested to include bank charges in the amount payable if remitting from abroad. Only the net remittance will be credited to the CLTís account.
Bank Accounts:
Summer: Landeshypothekenbank Tyrol, Innsbruck, BIC-Code: HYPTAT22, IBAN AT37 5700 0002 0008 6200
Winter: Landeshypothekenbank Tyrol, Innsbruck, BIC-Code: HYPTAT22, IBAN AT47 5700 0002 0008 9900

5. Cancellation of Reservations:
Terms and Conditions for the cancellation of a reservation will we stated on each confirmation of the reservation. In case of a full board booking the JRT is entitled to charge 90 % of the amount as contracted if the CLT cancels the reservation within less than 21 days before the prospective arrival of the group. An adequate travel and cancellation insurance is recommended. If an ordered reservation is cancelled and no cancellation costs are charged, a processing fee as indicated in the reservation will be debited.

6. Rules of the house:
The CLT is obliged to observe the respective rules of the house. Usually the guests will have to keep their rooms tidy themselves and help with serving the meals.

7. Damage:
Compensation for any damage to the property of the host inflicted by a group member of the CLT has to be paid immediately to the host. If immediate payment is not possible and if the causer is assured, the responsible group leader will have to sign a damage report that enables a direct clearance with the causerís insurance company.

8. Complaints:
Firsthand any complaints should be settled immediately between the host and the CLT. In case no settlement can be reached between those two parties, the CLT is obliged to immediately inform the JRT of his complaint, so that the JRT can reach a solution acceptable to both parties involved. The JRT assumes no responsibility for belated claims after the departure of the group. All exclusions of liability do not apply to damages that ensue through deliberate action or blatant gross negligence by the JRT.

9. Legal venue: Innsbruck. Applicable Law: This agreement as well as any legal disputes over the validity of this agreement are to be exclusively appraised according to Austrian law. In case of dispute the German version of T&C is applied.

10. Arrival and Departure:
Unless explicitly agreed upon otherwise, the check in of the group will take place in the afternoon of the first day after 4.00 p.m. and the check out in the morning of the last day. If the group checks out later than 10:00 in the morning, the CLT is entitled to charge an additional full day.

11. Whilst JRT endeavours to ensure that the information given is correct, no warranty, express or implied, is given as to its accuracy and JRT does not accept any liability for error or omission.

12. Furthermore the General Terms of Business of the Federation of Austrian Travel Agencies are applicable. Details (german only) latest update 2012 - PDF (25 KB)...